Turquoise Tree Of Life Beaded Bracelet, For Strength And Stability

  • $34.40

Looking To Find Some Strength and Stability in Your life?

Then this Zen Meditation bracelet with turquoise stone and the Tree of life Pendant is for you

THE TREE OF LIFE is a symbol of a fresh start  New beginnings and stability.

Life has a way of many challenges, Having a symbol that represents stability is very powerful, especially when worn on your body.

This symbol Also associated with Knowledge, A deeper awareness of the self and a deeper connection to a higher being.

TURQUOISE  Is a colour that helps you to open the communication between your heart and your spoken word.  Some other things associated with the colour Turquoise are, energy, wisdom, emotional balance, spiritual grounding love and joy.

Combining these two together will help you to move through any challenge  and remain strong within your being.

This is a popular symbol to wear and a must have in your collection.

There is no clasp, bracelet is Beaded stone and 19cm for size.

Material is Zinc Alloy, is a unisex item, and can be worn by both men and women.

Please expect 2 to 4 weeks for shipping

Note: colours may differ due to lighting

We value and appreciate You.

Your satisfaction is always Guaranteed :)

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