Non Slip Yoga Mat Cover For More Security While Your Practice

  • $35.90

This Non Slip Yoga Towel Will Help You Stay Put, Protect Your Mat And Act As A Sweat Towel If Needed.'

 Prevents You From Slipping And Sliding During Yoga Practice 

Tired Of Caving During Downward Dog? This Non Slip Towel Will Help You Stay Put During All Your Poses

 Protects Your Yoga Mat From Sweat

Heavy Sweater? No Problem, Your Yoga Mat Will Be Protected Nd Last Longer When You Kep The Sweat On The Towel And Not Your Mat

 Absorbs The Sweat For A Drier Mat

Mat will remain Dry And Will Last Longer

 Can Be Used To Wipe The Sweat Off Of Your Body

Heavy Sweater? Use The Towel To Sop It Up Instead Of It Dripping All Over Your Yoga Mat

 Comes With A Mesh Bag For Easy Transport

 Silica Gel Particles On Mat For Non Slip Experience

 Good Size To Cover Your Yoga Mat..183 cm by 63 cm, 72" by 24"

Guaranteed a Non Slip Experience Or Your Money Back

Please expect 2 to 4 weeks for shipping

Note: colours may differ due to lighting

We value and appreciate You.

Your satisfaction is always Guaranteed :)

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