Natural Rubber, High End Non Slip Yoga Mat For A Sturdy Confident Pose

  • $135.95

Alignment system on mat, helping both Newbies and Pros To align their hands and feet for the perfect pose.

Having a hard time keeping your body in alignment at class? The alignment system right on this mat will take care of that for you, helping you to stay centered and focussed.

Super sticky material will help your hands and feet to stay put so you can get on with concentrating on your perfect pose. Guaranteed!

Slippery hands and feelt in downward dog? Unable to stay strong in warrior pose? This mat will keep your hands and feet where they belong, on the mat! super sticky and non slip. You will love your new mat Guranteed!

Made from natural rubber helping the environment while you Get your stretch on!

Looking for more ways to help keep our planet green? Our mats are made with a natural rubber, with your green footstep in mind.

5mm Thickness for Cushion and a comfortable practice

New to yoga? the thickness of our mats are with you in mind. helps cushion your body while you learn each pose for a satisfying workout

Beautiful bold colours for your enjoyment

No need for a dull mat when our beautiful bold colours are here to bring joy into your practice, making for a brighter day

Comes with a super handy carrying case for your convenience

Too many things to carry on your way to or from your class? The handy carry bag for your yoga mat easily slings over your shoulder for a hands free experience.

Super soft and comfortable feeling it's a joy to practice on

Looking for the best overall experience while you are on your mat? this mat is super soft, comfortable and a pleasure to sit on. You will love how it feels!

Please expect 2 to 4 weeks for shipping

Note: colours may differ due to lighting

We value and appreciate You.

Your satisfaction is always Guaranteed :)

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