Cat Grooming Made Easy with this Cat Massage Toy

  • $16.99

Cat Grooming Made Easy?

Absolutely! with this simple toy that your cat wont stop using because it feels so good!

And while your favourite feline gets a super massage, they will also be getting groomed at the same time. 

Make your Kitty happy and take some of the work off of your own hands with the help of this cat groomer and massager...they will love you for it :)

 Helps To Massage your Cat While grooming at the same time

 Keeps Your Cat Healthy By Releasing toxins around the lymph node area

 Your Cat WiIl Get Massaged If Your Home Or Not!

 Keeps Your Cat Groomed In Between Grooming Schedule

 Easy To Assemble

 Can Be Placed Anywhere There Is  Wall Or A Corner, As Well As On A Cardboard Box

 Has Good Sturdy Bristles For A More Than Satisfactory Massage

 Small And Practical, No Need For A Large Space

 4 Colors to Choose From

 Guaranteed to Keep Your Cat Happy, Or Your Money Back

How to use and install...

Add Catnip

Cat massager

Install with tape or Screws..

Install cat massager

Please expect 2 to 4 weeks for shipping

Note: colours may differ due to lighting

We value and appreciate You.

Your satisfaction is always Guaranteed :)

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