2 Toned Seamless 2 Piece Workout Set For Yoga

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Feel Great On Your Mat With This Beautiful 2 Piece 2 toned Yoga Set, Comfort, Style and Sizzle..

 You Will Enjoy A Comfortable Workout

Enjoy each  pose, with the comfort and fit of these leggings that hug your body and feel great on your skin

 Shapes Your Body Nicely

Saggy pants, loose tops? Looking to feel inspired when you are working out? These leggings fit to your body and keeps everything together. Now thats inspiration!

 The comfortable material will make it easier for you to move through your yoga sequence with ease

When you wear comfortable workout gear, you are guaranteed to have a comfortable workout! 

 It's going to be much easier to get out to practice when you feel and look amazing in your gear!

Feeling uninspired? these leggings look and feel great and will have you back on your mat in no time just to show them off!

 Dry wick keeps you dry when you sweat by moving your sweat away from your body.

If you sweat, then you will love the dry wick which moves moisture away from your body  and helps you stay dry

 4 Way stretch Material for easy movement and stretch.

You won't feel any constraint when wearing these 4 way stretch leggings that move with you without holding you back

 beautiful 2 toned style

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery 

NOTE: Colours may differ due to lighting.

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