Bohemian Multi Layered Necklace with 4 Powerful Pendants To Assist You On Your Journey

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What Does Boho Mean To You?

Boho Chic has many meanings from Expressive to meditative, to wild and free.

No better way to express yourself then with this beautiful bohemian necklace which has 4 powerful charms hanging in a layered fashion, to help heal and assist you on your life's journey.



The Crescent moon brings hopes and wishes to life. It aids in any New Relationships coming into your life. 


An elephant is the symbol of luck and is known to bring luck to those who wear it.


Om represents the beginning, the first sound of creation. Also known to protect the heart of the person wearing it from external attacks.


Wearing an astrology circle is an inclusion of all. It is said whatever sign we are born into, if we have learned the lessons we came here for and we have grown, then we would have gone through all of the astrological signs by the end of our life.

Therefore this Necklace is a wonderful piece to wear when looking to start or to strengthen a relationship.

What it's made of....stainless steel.

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery

We value and appreciate You :)

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